Welcome to the FivePoint Technology blog maintained by me, Bill Wall. This blog will primarily focus on what I call the Five Points of technology: Servers, Storage, Network, Security and Cloud. I will be sharing my experiences and, in some cases, pitfalls around everything technology.

About Bill

Bill Wall is a System Engineer for Eagle Technologies, primarily focusing on offerings from HPE, Qumulo and VMware. He has a vast amount of experience traversing nearly all regulatory environments and diverse technology stacks. This experience affords Bill the ability to assist with technology across a vast number of vendors and solutions. A proponent of education-first, Bill can be found providing both training and assistance to friends, family, and people he’s never met. For Bill, it’s not enough to advise someone what to do. He helps them understand all their options to make a fully informed decision.

Certifications and Awards


This blog is completely unsponsored and intends to remain as such. Any posts covering provided equipment, software or containing affiliate links will be explicitly claimed. The things posted here are expressions of my views and opinions at the time of the specific writing and are subject to change. These expressions do not reflect the views and opinions of anyone else.